Discover How To Increase The Value of Property by 10%, Rental Income Up To 50% and Maximize Profits With Minimal Cost Interior Design Knowledge Anybody Can Learn

Eliminate the risk of not being able to rent or sell your property, with industry secrets that interior designers and contractors pray you’ll never find out!

Dear friend,

If you want to eliminate the risk of not being able to rent or sell your property and maximize profits on income,

… and increase the value of your property, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re going to learn the trade secrets of what millionaire investors are doing.

But first, let’s face it. A LOT of people buy properties, especially for investments.

So from just a simple idea of investing, you’ll find that you actually have A LOT of competitors, whether you like it or not.

If you go through a property portal, most property listings look the same.

Most property listings in property portals look about the same and if yours is similar, it's bad news.

The top 1% property investors that are making money have properties that look really different.

Especially in today’s age,

The Only Way To Make Money From Your Property Is To Stand Out From Your Competitors

It’s really common sense above, but not many investors are willing to do it.

There are just too many hurdles and challenges when it comes to designing and renovating your property, more so for investing.

Let’s address the common problems of interior designing and renovation.

Problem: Renovation and Interior Design Cost Is Expensive and Can be A Huge Pain

It’s expensive because there are too many middle parties, and thus cost is not transparent.

Knowledge of going directly to suppliers and manufacturers is limited and therefore you’re at the mercy of your consultant. (Do you know a markup of 40% and more in this industry is quite common?)

Also, you’ve heard the nightmare stories of contractors making mistakes, damaging properties, running away with deposits, and have major delays.

…. Leading to this most common mistake property investors make.

And that is,

Biggest Mistake: Buying A Property Without A Strategy or Exit Plan

You may be and in most cases are already in competition and when competition is high and everybody is trying to get an income return, people will be put into desperate situations.

Desperation situations will cause you to take desperate measures… like slashing your rental income or sale price.

You May Be Forced To Reduce The Price of Selling or Renting Out Your Unit

Simply because there are so many supplies of property units.

Look at the rental market price out there vs installments to the bank per month. Most investors bleed and lose money with negative cash flow very badly.

If Your Property Looks Like Your Neighbour’s,
You Will Have A Tough Time Getting Your Return on Investment

Instead of achieving financial freedom, you may end up slowly killing yourself financially.

But hope is not lost.

You can learn how to increase the value of your property and how to out-rent and outsell your competitors and get the highest return on investments… where I’m going to show you how.

… To increase the value of the property, and to eliminate the risk of investing uncertainty, you must implement this solution:

Solution: Increase Perceived Value of the Property To Increase Your Yield

You must separate yourself from the competition by increasing the perceived value. The key word here is perceived value, not the actual tangible value.

It means using RM10,000 of renovation cost to make it look like you’ve spent RM100,000 on your unit.

For example, one of the ways of renovating with minimal cost is using wallpaper. It’s very affordable and provides the highest return of investments. (I’ll also reveal how you can get a 15% discount on top of already affordable wallpapers by going directly to suppliers)

One of the best ways to increase perceived value is to use wallpaper, where it is one of the lowest interior design cost with the highest return on investments.

If You Had The Knowledge of Minimal Cost Interior Design and Renovation, how much can your potential returns be?

What if you could use a minimal cost of RM15-20k to design and renovate your entire house to look like this?

Using RM15-20k to design and renovate to look like the above for the entire house is possible.

If you want to know how, I’ll show you how to do that along the way, and not only that…

What If I Reveal To You The Trade Secrets In The Interior Design Industry?

Will you be interested to know how to make your property investment more attractive, so that you can get the highest return on investments?

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Adrian Wee.

For the past 17 years, I’ve ID and renovated more than 1,000 properties, from houses; show houses to developer sales gallery.

Some of the property developers include IJM Properties, UM Land Development, OSK Properties, MUI Properties, Trinity Group, Matrix Development and many more prominent developers in the Klang Valley.

I’ve coached thousands of investors in Asia including in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia…

Where I reveal tricks of the trade on how to maximize profits with interior design and advanced property strategies.

I connect retail investors like you to reliable manufacturers, suppliers, main distributors & traders, where you can save huge cost, some up to 40% margin.

Investment platforms and media such as iProperty Group, Property Guru, The Star, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, China Press, Astro Awani & many more have featured my teachings and methodology in regards to interior design.

With a solid interior design background, I’ve been secretly investing in properties for a huge amount of gains for many years, and I’ll like to show you how investors make millions from property investing.

During one of our workshops, we’ve actually constructed a room in a ballroom...

From this:

To this:

Just within 30 minutes!

For A Limited Time – We’re Offering You A Free Interior Design and Property Investment Workshop Worth RM168 for The First 20 Participants

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • 5 guaranteed ways to increase the perceived value of your property and maximize profits with minimal interior design cost (it’s how luxury hotels and homes design their units with minimal cost)
  • 7 property strategies to maximize income and returns (from rent to rent, fix to flip, we’ll show you how the millionaires are doing it)
  • The financing secrets to getting unlimited mortgage loans and getting banks approving your loans (despite your income level)
  • How to actually rent out your property faster than your competitors
  • How to go directly to suppliers, manufacturers and get connected with them to save 30-40% on your renovation projects (these are relationships that I’ve established throughout the past 17 years)

If you’re interested to know more about minimal cost interior designing and renovation, fill up the form below to register your seat for an upcoming FREE workshop.

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Date: 19th July 2017 (Wednesday)
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Free ticket worth RM168 for first 20 participants!

Best regards,

Adrian Wee

Asia’s Number One Interior Design
Coach and Property Investor

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